A list of celebrities who have fled the raging California fires

California wildfires

  • Wildfires are spreading through Southern California.
  • Thousands of people, including a handful of celebrities, are being forced to evacuate their homes.

As multiple wildfires continue to blaze through Southern California, thousands of people are being forced to evacuate their homes — and celebrities are among them.

A handful of A-listers, like Chelsea Handler and Chrissy Teigen, have reported that they have been evacuated from their homes. 

The first fire broke out in Ventura County on Monday, and new fires have continued to break out in many parts of of Southern California. Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated from fires thus far, according to NBC News.

As wildfires continue to rage through California with no end in sight, it’s likely that more celebrities will be forced to evacuate their homes, if they haven’t been already. 

Here are some of the celebrities who have been evacuated from their homes so far:

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Chrissy Teigen

Model and television host Chrissy Teigen wrote that she never thought she would actually play out what she considered to be a “hypothetical game of what would you grab if there was a fire,” in a tweet on Wednesday.

Teigen said she brought her daughter Luna, limited edition Oreos, and her Spike TV award with her.

Teigen is currently expecting her second child with her husband, singer John Legend. 

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never thought I’d get to actually play what I thought was a hypothetical game of what would you grab if there were a fire. so far all I have is Luna, some limited edition Oreos and my spike tv award

Lea Michele

Actress and singer Lea Michele tweeted that she took what she “loved most” from her home Wednesday morning before heading to a friend’s house.

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Praying for everyone in LA…grabbed what I loved most this morning and so grateful to my friends for taking us in.. ❤️


Jennifer Tilly

Actress Jennifer Tilly shared a picture of herself checking into a hotel, on Twitter Wednesday.

Tilly wrote that it was the “fourth hotel” she had been to.

The actress added, “Seems like everyone is evacuating the wildfires.”

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The fourth hotel we tried had a room. Seems like everyone is evacuating the wildfires. We had to go further east. pic.twitter.com/8P80oWIOAq


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A list of celebrities who have fled the raging California fires