Incredibles 2 review – riotous return of Pixar's superhero immortals

The sequel to the animated masterpiece about a family with world-saving superpowers is just as thrilling and just as much fun

The Incredibles, like The Simpsons, are eternally the same age, although for them the miracle has been brought off by just starting the sequel at the exact point the first movie left off. We are still in the LBJ 60s, superheroes are still illegal and the Incredibles’ stroppy teen daughter Violet (voiced by Sarah Vowell) is on the verge of dating that nice boy she met in school.

It is indeed incredible to think that the first film came out in 2004, just before the Marvel Studios explosion of fan-oriented superhero films changed the cultural weather, creating an audience for whom the Incredibles’ uncanonical characters and satirical deconstruction of superhero conventions (capes, monologuing) are not entirely cool, however affectionately intended. But The Incredibles is for me still the greatest film from the Pixar studio and a masterpiece of the noughties’ golden age of digital feature animation, when these films’ graphics and visuals took the world’s breath away. How blase we all became. The Pixar signature ident is still thrilling to me: the little standard Anglepoise lamp bouncing the “i” in Pixar down to size and then turning on us its blank and challenging stare.

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Source: theguardian
Incredibles 2 review – riotous return of Pixar's superhero immortals