The Flash SE04E06 – When Harry Met Harry

Theyve taken an interesting approach to introducing the character of Ralph Dibny to the series. Over three episodes, we were introduced to the character and saw the past was between him and Barry Allen. Then we got to see what kind of a influence Ralph could be on the team. And finally, this week, we see what Ralph can become. We meet another of the new metahumans, Mina Chayton, AKA Black Bison, who can animated effigies and use them to do her bidding. She is trying to reclaim a necklace that belonged to her tribe, and shes willing to kill to do it. Ralph is so focused on catching her that he ignores the innocents that might get hurt.

There are some very funny scenes between he and Barry, including one that harkens back to season one when Barry got mugged. It might even have been the same mugger. The mugger shoots at Ralph twice, with the bullets going into his pliable skin and then right back out, hitting the mugger twice the second time in the butt. Also, some of the sight gags from his new suit are pretty good evoking Jeff Goldblums name while fighting the T-Rex skeleton was a nice touch. Even the Microsoft product placement scene ended up being a step toward this Ralph becoming the one from the comics.

Black Bison was pretty much a villain of the week, other than her ties to whatever the overall story of the season is. The other important thing in the episode was the Council of Wells. I was surprised that we only ended up with four new Wells in the episode I figured wed get a few more. But the ones we got were funny, and it was obvious Tom Cavanagh was enjoying it. We had the Road Warrior Wells, the German Impressionist Wells, Wells the Gray who didnt stay around long and my favorite, the Free-Willy Wells, which was very much channeling Matthew McConaughey. The majority of their time was played for laughs, but they did succeed in their task.

It looks like the lighthearted episodes will move to the side as things get serious with Clifford DeVoe, AKA The Thinker. Barry and the team go to his house after the Council of Wells figure out who he is and discover a wheelchair bound man and his wife. And of course, DeVoe is prepared for the visit, and as we see in next weeks preview, things start looking very bad for Barry as he becomes obsessed. This is really a different type of villain for him to deal with.

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The Flash SE04E06 –
When Harry Met Harry